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Restuarant Consultant

Certified TurboChef Chef Specialist

Executive Chef

Culinary Development

General Manager

Stacie Rauch is an accomplished culinary leader with over two decades of dedicated experience in the foodservice industry management. She specializes in menu customization, concept development, performance management, and an unwavering commitment to high-quality standards. Stacie earned a reputation of driving efficiency, increasing profit margins, productivity, and effective marketing while managing restaurant operations. Well-versed in nutrition and regarded as having an innate ability to collaboratively strengthen partnerships, build repeat clientele, and grow a business brand. 

As a restaurant consultant, she will sit-down (in-person or virtual) and discuss your needs and goals.  She will then evaluate what is the best Plan of Action to move forward.

Consultant fees are charged hourly/daily/ or by the complete project.  Please call to set up a complimentary consultation.

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